LA Supercar Tour experience

Here’s a brief review of my “LA Supercar Tour experience” by Exotics Racing. They’ve launched this experience it around June 2019, so it’s pretty fresh. It is not being offered currently (pandemic?), but I was lucky enough to try it before.

I’ve done few on-track sessions with Exotics Racing so decided to see that it feels like to drive supercar on the streets. 4 hours, 4 cars driving around LA. Unlike on the track, you drive by yourself (or with your passenger) without instructor. The route is split to 4 parts, 4 stops, where you take a break, take photos and hop into next car. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette and Maserati. 

This is mostly cruising tour with low speeds including driving thru some fancy neighborhoods and one short run on freeway. All cars are occasionally being taken to track, so it’s half-track/half-street setup. Brakes are squeaky and annoying, some warnings on dashboard are considered normal. 

How every car feels:

Ferrari is most comfortable as supercar. The leather interior is functional and ergonomic. Sound is nice in race mode, in sport mode is the most drivable car off-the track. Pedals movement range needs some getting used to.

Maserati was the lead car, 4 seater, it is not a supercar. But inside is comfortable as a couch, driving has relaxing feeling with a lot of power if you need it.

Lamborghini is my personal favorite, but it was spyder – engine and roof crammed behind you, so tall person feels like being in economy class on airplane. Overall feels like a sport bike. Very sporty inside and has the most sharp handling. Has a feature to raising front end for getting over bumps and ramps.

Corvette is just a different beast. As American car – the loudest, has most HP, most torque-y. For straight lines and just acceleration is the best. Sound is loud, but sounds strange like a truck or a car with broken exhaust. Gearing in auto mode is a disaster, need to get used to how much you need to press the pedal to get it running. This car showed most of warnings. Track/street setup might be the cause. If you like to be loud – this car is for you.

Overall, these machines don’t belong to the streets (except Maserati). Get them out on the track and let them breathe:)

Gimme your feedback

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